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4 Steps to Improve the Way Your Company Manages Change

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In today’s times, the organizations that can change will survive and organizations that won’t change – or struggle to adapt – will risk its chance at surviving. Over the years, organizations have stopped trying to figure out what changes to make, but they added a critical element to the process. They gave hard and serious consideration to how to make those changes happen.

So why not try it in your organization?

Follow these four steps and be on your way to improved change in no time:

  1. Be sure that there is a real and realistic understanding of what change management is.
  2. Make a commitment to the fact that change management must be:
    •   Embedded into the heart of the organization in order to identify patterns and structures that impact change and predict issues and problems that impede it
    •   Transferred to individuals and throughout the organization to build this core competency and embrace and leverage change
  3. Accept the fact that there is a cost to managing change well and be willing to pay it. 
  4. Provide the needed resources 
    •   Change management teams need infrastructure: Team charters, Job descriptions, Contracting
    •   Project management disciplines require integrated work plans: List of tasks, Owners, Timelines
    •   Sponsors need decision-making tools: Comprehensive reports, Deliverables
    •   Change agents need road maps: Execution tools, Sample strategies, Best practices

Follow these four steps and you’ll soon see an increased level of employee involvement, improved morale and motivation and identify sources of resistance that you can address in real-time.

And, ultimately you will take charge of changing the way your organization manages change.  That will make you a master at leveraging change opportunities within your organization to their maximum potential and reward.

Now that’s worth a change in the way you manage change.

What steps, if implemented today, could increase your chances of a successful change? 


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